Welcome to NHSE!

From 1994 - 2004, NHSE existed as a distributed collection of software, documents, data, and information of interest to the high performance and parallel computing community. The significance of the collaborative effort is evident through the many useful reports and tools generated as well as the many repositories that have been created, and are still being created, with the toolkit developed in 1996. However, continued operation of the site without funding has become impractical. Therefore, the site has been taken down. The which consists of metadata describing software applications and tools from the PTLib, HPC-Netlib and BenchWeb repositories combined, is still available. However, since PTLib and HPC-Netlib are no longer maintained, the metadata from those repositories are frozen in time. Only the content is still maintained.

The collection of mathematical software and other tools is still maintained and we recommend you visit that repository. Links to the archived NHSE repositories mentioned above can be found on that site as well.

On behalf of all of the federal agencies and institutions that helped make NHSE possible, we would like to thank all of the contributors over the years who submitted tools, links, applications, and other useful and usable material to the collection.

Many thanks.

NHSE Technical Team
National HPCC Software Exchange